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A Small Patch Where Little Flowers Grow

Where Little Flowers Grow   I left a small patch A place I didn’t mow, Just a small patch Where little flowers grow.     In the morning sun I see The oasis radiantly glow, I’m seated on the Earth … Continue reading

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retreat releases stress

Two week retreat at the Lower Farm – a review “In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”  – Albert Camus [The Minotaur] At the Lower Farm there is no TV, no radio, … Continue reading

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Too soon the sun sets

Regardless of what joy or turmoil happens in our lives, at the end of the day the sun still sets beyond the horizon and tomorrow it will rise. In the universal scale of things we are insignificant, but on this … Continue reading

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King Kamehameha Day – June 11

Indigenous Culture June 11 is King Kamehameha Day in Hawai’i. This official holiday was established by royal decree on December 22, 1871 by King Kamehameha V to honor his great grandfather, Kamehameha I who united the Hawaiian Islands in 1810 … Continue reading

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A Day Off

A Pretty Good Day In the morning I was up on the mountain, the afternoon I was down by the sea. A social evening was spent in the heart of town, at night I returned to the clouds. I hiked in … Continue reading

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Santa Fe Trail – Fort Union

1851-1891 The conflict starts when there is migration followed by possession, sometimes there is greed involved. They say a clash of culture or one of ideology is to blame. There are insults and retribution, and invasion or defense, the broken … Continue reading

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September 1st I was given notice by my landlord that I had 30 days to move. Nothing I had done but a divorce was pending and the owners were splitting the property. The bain of all renters without a contract … Continue reading

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Eye Witness to Trinity

5:29:45 am, July 16, 1945 35 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico in the Jornada del Muerto desert Jack Aeby steadied his camera and in quick succession clicked three frames. At the same time Berlyn Brixner raised his motion picture … Continue reading

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Mother Earth by Tom Rush

These Days “Well I’ve been out walkin’ I don’t do that much talkin’ these days These days These days I seem to think a lot About the things that I forgot to do…for you And all the times I had … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2012

Earth Day 2012 reports a half a dozen wars,  your brothers out of work and the governments on the blink. The price of goods is on the rise, there’s no fish left in the sea. Floods are deeper, droughts are … Continue reading

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