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Red Chile Ristras

  Common throughout New Mexico are seen strings of chile peppers hanging from porch rafters and along walls. As the peppers dry they turn a vibrant red. A cheerful color during the autumn and winter months. The dried pods will … Continue reading

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Location, location, location

My Location Real estate agents will tell you that location is everything. From a business standpoint that makes perfect sense.¬† A successful business location should have good visibility, favorable traffic patterns and a density of population. Urban home values are … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Update: 2 December 2018 December 2nd and a light snow falls in the mountains of northern New Mexico. A good day for me to be indoors, cozy near the warmth of the wood stove. A good day to pick up … Continue reading

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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Always nice to take a break on the back porch.     Meanwhile I’m writing about a Hawaiian hale. Aloha, Dohn  

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Wind Farm – Cons, part 3

Wind Turbines Generate Electricity and Controversy: a series on whats¬† in the wind. Opponents objections and concerns regarding wind turbines can be listed in eight distinct categories: Visual, Noise, Intermittent Power, Bird/Bat deaths, Altering Vegetation, Fire, Ice and Pollutants. In … Continue reading

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Preview Windows

Springtime 2011 the Lower Farm Historic Preservation and Sustainability Council conducted a workshop that used the common everyday window as a subject of art, history and a means to explore the built environment around us. The photographs, observations and stories … Continue reading

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Whats in the name ?

Names are symbols of identity. For humans (cats, dogs and other pets) someone other than the identified assigns a name. Usually the mother and father , sometimes influenced by relatives, will give the child a name. Different cultures may use … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Yup a first post. Wish me luck because there is no way to know where this ride is going to take us. May the words be worthy, the pictures inspiring and the ideas presented in a fresh perspective. Aloha  

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Welcome friends

Time to be taking the mission to the next level. Communications upgrades are underway and being developed so that messages and information can be relayed from The Lower Farm Historic Preservation and Sustainability Council as well as new media projects … Continue reading

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