Now December


I use no calender to recognize December. The temperature is cooler, shorter time for play. Roadside red and white, are colors of the holiday.


The arms of the clock go round and round, the moon comes up, the sun goes down. Every cycle, flower, fruit and seed. Each season there to read.

There is a  misconception that areas of a very temperate climate do not experience a change of seasons, that the days go on one pretty much like another. In the United States those places are perceived to be be Florida, Arizona, California and around the globe it would be  similar latitudes like the Mediterranean. Friends in New York and Boston voice sorrow for those that live in California where life must be so boring with the weather so consistent. Every day being the same. No they would not care for that. Their year is diveded by 4 distinctive times. There is no subtlety along the Atlantic shore or westward through Pennsylvania and Ohio as the seasons change. Stark and grey, solid oak and ash, leafless branches tangled clacking in January wind or the glorious gold and auburn afterglow of August afternoon. In western states livestock grow thick with hair, rabbits turn to white, seasons turn and prairies bloom with golden grain again. In fact all climates show a change as seasons rotate through the year, even in the tropics.

Hawaii is situated in the sub-tropics. Temperatures may only shift about 10 degrees  between summer and winter and the growing season is year round. As in every environment plants and animals find a niche. The reproductive cycle of one plant will differ from that of another. Lychee, oranges, mango each bear fruit in a different season. It’s well known that flowers have their preferences. Summers bloom slowly fades, long through autumn days then winter bursts one day in dazzling display. In Hawaiian time nature is the clock.

Through Holualoa and along the old Mamalahoa Highway at a 1’000 ft. el. on the Big Island of Hawaii winter has arrived. Christmas Berry, Snow Bush and Poinsettia all say so. A holiday display in red and white. Now December.

Enjoy nature with your holiday.Aloha

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18 Responses to Now December

  1. The size and intensity of the poinsettias reminds me of the ones we saw when my spouse and I got to visit Panama. Definitely a tropical treat, those plants. Seeing them in situ in their native environs gave me a whole new appreciation for a plant I’d not liked especially before then (thinking it was a pity I didn’t get some pretty *flowering* plant for my birthday month’s totem). Live and learn!

  2. What wonderful scenery! My goodness!

  3. zstick says:

    Enjoyed your very broad, yet at the same time detailed accounting for the last month of each year.

  4. Everything here is white. Or overexposed. I’m not sure which.

  5. zaisprecis says:

    Thank you for this post. Those of us who grew up on an island (PR for me) can appreciate the subtleties of the changing seasons in warmer climate. I was just in HI this year and it was definitely as beautiful as your pictures.

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  7. Tammy says:

    Great photos. I love your line ” I use no calendar to recognize December”. That is an awesome opening to a poem.

  8. Heavy sigh. I want to be in Hawaii right now.

    I don’t dread our relatively mild Pacific Northwest winters, however. Just could use some tropic time, particularly if it includes snorkeling with sea turtles.

  9. Some colour such as that would be welcome in the UK right now!

  10. Amazing pictures. A lovely peek at nature at work in Hawaii in December.

  11. Sondra Meyer says:

    Thank you for sharing winter photographs of Hawaii. It is very beautiful. I had never known that poinsetta could grow to be so large.

  12. Cathy says:

    Those poinsettia are amazing! A far cry from what we see here in Europe around Christmas time – small pots of these plants, often in unnatural colours and smothered in glitter!

    • Cathy it is pretty much the same in this country… including the glitter, even the plastic variety gets glittered up. Folks like to be reminded of plants by the time December settles in and especially those with color. Must say I enjoy it myself and these are spectacular (no glitter needed). Mahalo.

  13. Simply Tim says:

    Beautiful photographs. Thanks.

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